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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 16:32

Remote Delivery; Work Safe, Work Smart

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Remote Delivery; Work Safe, Work Smart COVID-19 has thrust us into uncertain times but we are adapting to our new temporary arrangements. Dunstan Thomas, as of last week, have suspended all face to face training and consulting engagements and moved to remote delivery of these services. Our Consultants and staff are working as normal from the comfort and safety of their own homes and carrying out remote delivery via platforms such as MS Teams, Skype for Business and Webex.   What services are available for remote delivery? Online Training Dunstan Thomas offers a range of self-study online training courses for…
Sparx Systems suite of products enables enterprise architecture, process management and informed decision making. We are committed to ensuring that you stay connected and continue working in the current scenario. Companies around the globe have rolled out mandatory remote work. However not all companies would have had the time to organize remote access to their teams, neither would have had time to organize VPN or any other form of accessing the model information. Introducing a ready to start, obligation free, Cloud infrastructure to let you move your Enterprise Architect repositories to Cloud and resume your modelling efforts instantly. The hosted…
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 19:26

Parallel Agile book is available now!

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 Parallel Agile Book Out Now!  Parallel Agile - Faster Delivery, Fewer Defects, Lower Cost I'm happy to announce that after 5 years of test projects and nearly 3 years of book writing, our book Parallel Agile - Faster Delivery, Fewer Defects, Lower Cost is now available on Amazon for immediate delivery.  You can read about it on LinkedIn, or on the Parallel Agile Blog on Medium.  Here's the blurb from our Amazon page: From the beginning of software time, people have wondered why it isn’t possible to accelerate software projects by simply adding staff. This is sometimes known as the…
Thursday, 23 January 2020 08:18

Git Client for Enterprise Architect

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LemonTree 2.5 brings its most powerful features directly in your modeling environment. And have you ever wanted to use basic Git functions directly in your modeling environment? With LieberLieber LemonTree 2.5 we now offer you exactly these possibilities to further simplify the work on your models. 3 easy steps for using Git in EA. Select your branch Change your model Commit & Push with 1 click   For other new features of LemonTree 2.5 please open the Change Log. Download latest version     Easy Git commands for versioning   Show Git History Switch branch easily       lemontree.lieberlieber.com…
Tuesday, 21 January 2020 12:35

Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering

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Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering codeBeamer ALM + Enterprise Architect with LieberLieber LieberLieber and Intland Software today announce their codeBeamer ALM – Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0. This new version of the integration brings several important updates for users of both systems. Intland Software, developer of the market-leading codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution and LieberLieber Software, specialist for the widely used modeling platform Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect further strengthen their successful partnership with this step. This updated integration, released in November 2019, enables users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, as well as links and references across codeBeamer ALM and Sparx…
Monday, 16 December 2019 05:27

Enterprise Architect 15.1 Beta

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Beta Now Available to Registered Users Try out a rich new palette of tools, new ways to integrate your systems, visual improvements, team customizations, governance, accessibility, collaboration and deployment options. Read more about the enhancements coming version 15.1 at: www.sparxsystems.com/ea151 .....................................................................................   Use manual entry or the power of online services from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to translate model information into many different languages.   Lock down your model with group based perspectives.   Model Baselines can now be configured to use a Reusable Asset Server (RAS).   Hide, show and filter diagram content on demand with the new…
  Panorama 360 for Insurance and Wealth Management has a new website with new offerings and services. InsuranceFrameworks.com offers the most complete set of reference material, called Panorama 360, to the Insurance and Wealth Management industry, globally. Panorama 360 allows organizations to plan, design, develop and manage organizations, processes and technology. On the website, we provide an import file to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with Enterprise Capability model, Enterprise Business Architecture Framework, information Models, an Organizational Integration map and more than 35 core business processes. Not only do we have an import file for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, we have added online…
Sparx Systems has released Prolaborate 3.2 this summer with the following enhancements. Charts ** Architecture Landscape: new chart dedicated for your Enterprise Architecture data. Chart Designer: build your graphs with this step by step design tool (SQL queries can be used as an alternative to address complex issues). ** Relationships Matrices created in Enterprise Architect can be used with your web browser.  ** Excel-like spreadsheet interface: Bulk import and edit EA elements online + CSV download and upload. Integration Ms Azure DevOps is now supported to create end to end links between items in EA and Azure DevOps (similar to the existing JIRA integration). Public APIs introduced for…
Thursday, 04 July 2019 05:46

Preparing Reports in Enterprise Architect - Online Course

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The online course is designed for all those who are interested in preparing reports directly from Enterprise Architect.The course consists of 10 video lessons. You will not find any theory in it. I also post the EAP files on which I have worked. All templates are made available to you.Course content: Introduction to the Preparing Reports in Enterprise Architect Structure of the Repository Reports Based on Existing Templates HTML Reports Custom Document Templates Virtual Documents Fragments and Filters in Reports Template Selector Diagram Generation Options and Additional Filters Sql Queries Inside Enterprise Architect Reporting Directly from the Database I adapted the…
2019 Sparx Systems Award at Federation University   Federation University, School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology holds an annual student awards ceremony, in which industry partners play a crucial role in supporting and encouraging our students to achieve greatness in their desired field. Scott Hebbard, Sparx Systems Communications Manager recently had the pleasure of presenting the Sparx Systems award at a Federation University Student awards ceremony. The Sparx Systems Award in 2019 was presented to Drew McMahon. Drew regularly used Enterprise Architect throughout his degree and he indicated “As a programmer and designer, I find the tool comprehensive and…
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