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The News section is used to submit information on all the latest Sparx Systems news, awards, upcoming events, partner offerings and updates. Use this link to submit the latest news, events and examples of Enterprise Architect in the media.

Sparx Systems has released Prolaborate 3.2 this summer with the following enhancements. Charts ** Architecture Landscape: new chart dedicated for your Enterprise Architecture data. Chart Designer: build your graphs with this step by step design tool (SQL queries can be used as an alternative to address complex issues). ** Relationships Matrices created in Enterprise Architect can be used with your web browser.  ** Excel-like spreadsheet interface: Bulk import and edit EA elements online + CSV download and upload. Integration Ms Azure DevOps is now supported to create end to end links between items in EA and Azure DevOps (similar to the existing JIRA integration). Public APIs introduced for…
Thursday, 04 July 2019 05:46

Preparing Reports in Enterprise Architect - Online Course

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The online course is designed for all those who are interested in preparing reports directly from Enterprise Architect.The course consists of 10 video lessons. You will not find any theory in it. I also post the EAP files on which I have worked. All templates are made available to you.Course content: Introduction to the Preparing Reports in Enterprise Architect Structure of the Repository Reports Based on Existing Templates HTML Reports Custom Document Templates Virtual Documents Fragments and Filters in Reports Template Selector Diagram Generation Options and Additional Filters Sql Queries Inside Enterprise Architect Reporting Directly from the Database I adapted the…
2019 Sparx Systems Award at Federation University   Federation University, School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology holds an annual student awards ceremony, in which industry partners play a crucial role in supporting and encouraging our students to achieve greatness in their desired field. Scott Hebbard, Sparx Systems Communications Manager recently had the pleasure of presenting the Sparx Systems award at a Federation University Student awards ceremony. The Sparx Systems Award in 2019 was presented to Drew McMahon. Drew regularly used Enterprise Architect throughout his degree and he indicated “As a programmer and designer, I find the tool comprehensive and…
This article will introduce you to both the Parallel Agile (PA) process and to the Parallel Agile Add-in for Enterprise Architect, which enables the PA process for Sparx customers. Download the article in PDF here.     The Parallel Agile Add-in generates database access code and REST APIs from domain models, and it works in conjunction with the ICONIX Agile DDT Add-in, which generates acceptance tests from requirements and use cases.   Both add-ins are free. We’ll discuss: What’s Parallel Agile? Compressing schedules with parallel development Improving quality while compressing schedule Why did we build an Enterprise Architect Add-in? What’s an…
Tuesday, 26 March 2019 21:38

Delivering an Agile Enterprise

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Digital transformation, new business models and the rapid pace of change have had a profound impact on the modern enterprise. Agile approaches can lead to faster feedback cycles, improved stakeholder engagement, reduced waste, improved transparency, predictable delivery and better business outcomes. The Sparx Systems tool suite supports enterprise agility through better collaboration, strategic management, capability modeling, Kanban diagrams, user stories, integrated communication tools, project management features, traceability and much more. Presented by Chris Armstrong and Scott Hebbard. Register Today at: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/webinar/partners/agile/enterprise/index.html
Thursday, 07 March 2019 04:23

ComponentSource Awards 2019

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The 2019 ComponentSource Best Selling Awards have been announced for the year, and we are very pleased to report Sparx Systems has been named in the Top 25 Vendors. In a further nod from the company, Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition made it to the Top 100 Products category.   According to a press release from the company, the awards are calculated using sales in USD $, which are then ranked to form a list and "represent a real world view of the products that are in demand and currently being bought by our global customers".   The ranking product Enterprise…
Setting Up the Pro Cloud Server for Enterprise Architect   A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring the Pro Cloud Server. Easily deploy a web and mobile enabled collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect, connecting team members and clients with a live, web-based view of your model – all within your own cloud environment.    Learn more and register Today!
The company LieberLieber has released a new version of the SYSMOD MDG Technology for the modeling tool Enterprise Architect v14. The MDG Tehcnology provides stereotypes defined by the MBSE methodology SYSMOD. The Systems Modeling Toolbox (SYSMOD) is a pragmatic approach by Tim Weilkiens to model the requirements and the system architecture of a system. It provides a toolbox of tasks with input and output work products, guidelines and best practices. SYSMOD uses the OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML), but could also be used with other languages. You can download the addon for free from the LieberLieber website: www.lieberlieber.com
Friday, 18 January 2019 13:55

Prolaborate 3.0 available

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Sparx Systems has released Prolaborate 3, the latest version of its web solution for Enterprise Architect modelling tool. Main improvements: Increased performances. New widget to include Impact Analysis views in the dashboards. New CxO multi-level charts to represent complex data in an impressive and easily understandable way. The EAExample sample project pre-installed with Enterprise Architect has been used in this article to illustrate some of Prolaborate 3 features. Model visibility and access Prolaborate makes it possible to pick and select the models that are relevant for a user profile, e.g. a business stakeholder could request visibility and access only on the…
Delivered by Enterprise Architect experts from VISEO, up to date training courses are available in France with the latest version 14.1.  Training courses combine theory and exercises. One of its goals is to understand and practice Enterprise Architect modelling tool whilst covering a modelling repository and the chosen standard visual modelling language (UML or SysML). SysML with Enterprise Architect training for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Covers all 9 SysML diagrams. Exercises follow a given process, starting with requirements and use cases, system design with the BDD and IBD diagrams, and system behaviour with SysML dynamic diagrams. Duration: 3 days. Click…
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