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Tuesday, 11 October 2022 21:27

Sparx Systems Award 2022 - Federation University

Sparx Systems Award 2022 - Announcement and Presentation Sparx Systems has enjoyed a long association with Federation University, with many staff having once worked and studied at Federation University. Federation University Australia was formed when the former University of Ballarat and the Gippsland Campus of Monash University were amalgamated. For more information, please refer to the University website: Award Winner The Student Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday the 8th of September 2022 on behalf of the Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability. The 2022 Sparx Systems award winner is Zac (Zhi Zao) ONG - pictured below. Zac is…
Friday, 01 July 2022 06:02

Code Analyzer in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

Sparx Systems India
The Code Analyzer is a must-have tool when working with source code. It runs extremely complex queries on source code repositories at incredible speeds, when used locally or on a Sparx Intel cloud service. The Code analyzer uses a high-level query language developed by Sparx systems. It also has a large vocabulary that allows code metrics to be queried quicker than traditional methods. It is highly effective for large-scale code bases. This is because it allows the user to rigorously check any minor changes using a distinct cross-reference analysis of the code to verify that all effects are clearly visible.…
Originally released to the community in January 2014 EA Installation Inspector has been invaluable when developing and testing EA AddIns.  This version is an intial release which provides support for both 32-bit and 64-bit addins. The user interface details information about the current EA installation as well as a list of the AddIns detailing where the Sparx AddIn key is defined, classes registered and the related DLL file. Double click on an entry to get more details about a specific entry. Alternatively, use the treeviewer presentation, with its context sensitive menus, to explore further or initiate searches within the windows…
Portfolio Manager is a new extension for Enterprise Architect It provides modellers with a way to work on several different projects in the same model, at the same time. Even if those projects are trying to change the same elements. With Portfolio Manager, all modellers can have visibility of all projects working in the same parts of the model. Which means: no more competing edits no more working on elements that someone else has planned to delete no more editing the wrong version of an element no more accidental duplicates Instant impact analyses Reveal overlaps or potential clashes with other projects,…
Wednesday, 25 May 2022 04:08

GANTT Chart View in Resource Allocation Window

Sparx Systems India
The Gantt View is a tool for visualizing the elements of a project, package, or diagram as well as the resources assigned to them. The tool will enable a traditional or agile project manager to ensure that a project's resources are allocated to repository content and that high-value outcomes are achieved directly from the repository. Where Can I Find the Project Gantt Chart? Users can access the Project Gantt Chart through the following options : Ribbon: Design > Package > Gantt View Ribbon: Design > Diagram > Views > Gantt View Diagram Context Menu:  Switch View | Switch to Gantt…
Thursday, 05 May 2022 01:40

Enterprise Architect Version 16 release

Enterprise Architect Version 16 has been released!   Version 16 is a major update offering a wide range of new and enhanced features, including a full 64 bit implementation that dramatically expands performance, memory and overall capability.   Resources for this release... Learn all about the wealth of new capabilities available from the release page: Registered users have immediate access to the EA 16 installer from the registered users area (login required): Watch our Feature Demonstration Videos to see these new features in action.  
Custom Documentation Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has a powerful feature to generate a quick report through the ‘Custom Document’ feature. Beneficial among businesses and firms not only because of the ease of generating reports but also because they are usually quite accurate and uniform. Helps the business to stay competitive by making the right data available to the right people at the right time. What’s new in Custom Documentation in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16? New custom document templates and sample document contents are available through Model Wizard and can be accessed from Document Publishing perspective. This new documents templates allow…
Thursday, 21 April 2022 07:21

Enhanced User Security in Enterprise Architect 16

Sparx Systems India
User Security in Enterprise Architect is a method of restricting the use of data update functions across the model via access rights for each function, as well as safeguarding individual parts and diagrams from modification using user locks. The primary goal is to avoid unintended data alterations and to prohibit access to sensitive information. What’s new in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16  Sparx Enterprise Architect 16 enhances the model governance by making it much more secure to safeguard your model/project. From Release 16.0 onwards, in the Corporate, Unified, and Ultimate Editions, if security is enabled, access restrictions can be applied to…
Tuesday, 12 April 2022 06:36

EA16 on Tour

Peter Lieber
What is offered in the new EA16 version? Enterprise Architect 16 is a highly anticipated upgrade. The new version is fully updated to the 64-bit implementation, extends and transforms key aspects of the entire tool suite with Pro Cloud Server 5, Prolaborate 4, WebEA: Simplified modeling, collaboration, and governance functionality. Automatic updating of diagrams Flexible change management for model review These new functionalities offer opportunities for simpler modelling and we are happy to share them with you. Enough ZOOM Meetings: We’ll come to your city in person, seven dates for easy migration to the new version of Enterprise Architect! Registration…
Wednesday, 06 April 2022 10:02

Monitor Real-time Diagram Updates in Enterprise Architect 16.

Sparx Systems India
Auto Refresh Diagrams Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides the New Auto Refresh feature that allows you to collaborate on diagrams with your team in real-time. This results in improved support for multiple people offering feedback on the same diagram simultaneously. It lets your team monitor the changes immediately after enabling the Auto-Refresh option on your diagram with a time interval. One can design his own dynamic and distributed real-time modeling environment by combining Review, Chat, Discussion, and/or Journal. The Feature is explicitly available in Enterprise Architect version 16.0 and later. Figure 1: Auto Refresh Context Menu Access: Right-clicking on the…
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