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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:11

Enterprise Architect 9 Beta Release

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Sparx Systems is pleased to announce the beta release of Enterprise Architect 9. This milestone release introduces hundreds of productivity enhancements and new technologies such as the new Personal manager, Project Calendar, Hand Drawn rendering, BPMN 2 support and much, much more. Registered Enterprise Architect users can download the beta Today. Full release details are available from:http://www.sparxsystems.com/products/betas.html   Highlights of the release: Personal Manager can send Model Mail and track project milestones. New User Interface design tools support model-driven prototyping for win32 applications. Project Calendar to schedule meetings, record staff leave and better utilize project resources. Hand Drawn diagram style…
On the embedded world this week in Nürnberg - we have something cool to announce!   Basic Toolchain •  Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems (Systems Engineering or Ultimate) •  LieberLieber AM|USE – UML Simulation and footprint optimized C Code Generation  (1) •  Willert Deployer – integrates generated source code into  your embedded IDE Projects •  Willert Runtime Framework – hardware abstraction layer with extremely small footprint  (1) •  UML Target Debugger – enables you for monitoring of code execution on target without any code  instrumentalization •  Embedded IDE and RTOS of your choice  (2) UML Code Generation finally at affordable…
Sunday, 27 February 2011 22:54

Sparx Systems Supports GEOSS

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Enterprise Architect, the full life cycle, UML modeling tool from Sparx Systems, is made freely* available to the GEOSS community via the Component and Service Registry. Licences can be accessed here http://www.sparxsystems.com/enterprise-architect-sdo.php   This technology contribution supports the “data sharing” foundation of GEOSS, and enables shared, integrated vision, between the nine Societal Benefit Areas across geographic and domain boundaries. Accomplishing this vision using today's disparate systems requires establishing an internationally coordinated operational framework to facilitate interoperability and harmonization. Enterprise Architect supports synergies between systems, and standards in separate environments can be modelled in a single tool, for accurate sharing of…
I published all of the source code for the my EA tools and add-ins on https://github.com/GeertBellekens Enterprise Architect ToolpackThis repository will contain all of the actual tools and add-ins for Enterprise ArchitectCurrently it contains the EA Navigator Add-in, a tool to navigate between operations and sequence diagrams.  Enterprise Architect Add-in FrameworkThis repository stores all framework stuff to create add-ins and tools upon Enterprise Architect.It currently contains an EA wrapper library based on the UML Tooling Framework, the EA Add-In Tester , the complete C# add-in template and the example add-in MyAddin used in the tutorial Create your first C# addin in 10…
Methodologies Corporation to Publish the First Commercial Cloud Computing Modeling Notation™ (CCMN™) Extended by the New Release of the Service-Oriented Modeling Framework™ (SOMF™) 2.1 Among other enterprise architecture, application architecture, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) features, the released SOMF 2.1 specifications include powerful cloud computing modeling notaiton for software development projects. These modeling capabilities will be available in Enterprise Architect version 9. Enterprise Architect version 9 will include the following six SOMF models: Service-Oriented Conceptualization Model Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Model Service-Oriented Business Integration Model Service-Oriented Logical Design Model Service-Oriented Software Architecture Model Cloud Computing Toolbox Model To read more about…
Friday, 04 February 2011 23:48

Tormigo - support for requirements management in EA

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Modesto Company publishes tool support for management of requirements gathered in Enterprise Architect. Tormigo offers in the requirements management  area: The possibility to configure the basic options of the application and the possibility to choose the language of user’s interface. At present the application is available in English and Polish. The possibility to browse, add, edit and remove requirements, use cases and actors. The application makes it possible to enable the versionization of the changes for the requirements, use cases and actors. When the versionization option is enabled each change of the features of one of these elements forces the…
Recently we shipped an integration between Enterprise Architect from Sparxsystems with codeBeamer from INTLAND. Now we have a short Video showing what it can do! Integrating Enterprise Architect with various ALM tools has become one of our core areas. Download Shockwave Video If you want to do a "custom" Enterprise Architect Integration or are interested in the codeBeamer solution feel free to contact us at sales [at] lieberlieber.com
Hippo Software launches new Enterprise Architect training courses: EA Essentials [1 day] EA for Business Analysts [2 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML [3 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML and BPMN [3 days] EA Requirements with Use Cases [2 days] EA Business Process Models with BPMN [1 day] EA for Software Engineers [2 days] EA for Software Engineers with UML [4 days] EA for SysML Systems Engineers [2 days] Select one of these pre-defined couses, or mix and match the Enterprise Architect modules to create a tailored course. Download the Enterprise Architect module catalogue below for full…
Thursday, 02 December 2010 22:12

Publication of new book -- Patterns of Data Modeling

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Tried and tested patterns can help developers build data models better, faster, and with fewer mistakes. The book assumes a basic understanding of data modeling, but provides examples in such a way that if the reader needs some review, it is built in. The coverage ranges from basic data structures through star schema, archetypes for representing commonly found concepts, and canonical models for tough problems. The book uses the UML class model as its primary notation. Enterprise Architect was used to prepare the UML models.
Thursday, 02 December 2010 01:02

Canberra EA User Group - 09/12/2010

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You are invited to attend the Canberra EA User Group, which will be taking place next Thursday. This month we are fortunate enough to have Sparx Systems COO, Ben Constable, joining us with a demo of the new Enterprise Architect v9.0 features.   Enterprise Architect: Version 9.0 Demo   Date: Thursday, 9th December 2010 Time: 16.00 - 17.30 Venues: Cliftons, 10 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601   Ben Constable, Sparx Systems COO, will demonstrate key roadmap items for Enterprise Architect v9.0 including enhanced business process modeling, new communication and collaborative modeling capabilities, new traceability and enterprise architecture tools and more.…
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