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Design Driven Testing does not burden your projects with cumbersome design processes. Rather it recognizes reality—that design comes first. You design. You build tests to verify the design. You write code to implement the design. You run the tests to verify the code. With Design Driven Testing, you get all the benefits of Test Driven Development while recognizing the reality that design is, in fact, paramount.   For more information see http://iconixsw.com/newsletter_ddt.html For more information on the Agile/ICONIX add-in see http://iconixsw.com/newsletter_newaddin.html Brings sanity and design back to software development Illustrates a lightweight and highly-effective design approach Applies design driven testing…
“Geteiltes Wissen ist doppeltes Wissen!” – is our motto, meaning that by sharing knowledge you will double the knowledge. As the number of Enterprise Architect Users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is constantly growing Sparx Systems Central Europe is proud to organize a workshop for Enterprise Architect practitioners in Munich. The most interesting topics have been qualified via a survey on the www.sparsystems.de webpage leading to the following sessions: Enterprise Architect und Sharepoint Enterprise Architect in der Prozesslandschaft Integration von Enterprise Architect in Visual Studio und Team Foundation ServerDer RTF-Reportgenerator von EA Traceabilty in EA (Spice, CMMI,…) Der Enterprise Architect…
The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site has undergone significant changes to support a better workflow and user experience, including a new process for revising published articles, interface design and support for new file types including video. Many of these changes have been in response to community feedback.If you have any additional feedback please complete the form below:http://community.sparxsystems.com/help/feedback Editing a Published Article Several authors requested the ability to be able to modify a published document.  Authors can now make changes to a published document by simply selecting the 'Workflow' tab and submitting a 'New Revision'. Your current, published document will…
Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a popular industry standard and an expressive graphical notation that enables business analysts to understand and visually document their business processes. Tassc now offers new BPMN training combined with Enterprise Architect and UML: EA for Business Analysts – 1½ days Ideal for business and systems analysts who already have experience of using BPMN and UML to model and analyse their requirements. This course includes hands-on sessions to produce and document these models in Enterprise Architect. Business Process Modelling with BPMN and EA – 1 day Designed for business analysts new to BPMN and Enterprise…
Monday, 09 November 2009 11:04

Enterprise Architect protocol handler beta release

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The long awaited EA protocol handler and the included EA add-in have officially reached beta state.The EA protocol handler enables access to elements, packages and diagram in a repository from outside EA by using a ea:// URL.An optional add-in eases handling by creating the required URLs from a context menu.The setup programs can be acquired from http://sourceforge.net/projects/eaprotocol/. Feel free to download them from the file section and read the user manual to get an idea how to use the tools.The software can be installed and used as is without liability or warranty for damage or data losses.Feedback is highly appreciated…
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 03:10

New Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site

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Sparx Systems is pleased to announce the creation of an innovative new "Sparx Systems Community Site" that provides access to free tutorials, white papers, case studies and community resources. This gives you access to download high quality resources that can help you become more productive and save time. With access to everything from model patterns, introductory tutorials and thought provoking white papers, the Community Site is an invaluable on-line resource to Enterprise Architect professionals around the world.
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