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The Community Resources section may include Enterprise Architect models, scripts, technologies and add-ons. These resources can extend and enrich the Enterprise Architect experience. Use this link to submit innovative tools, models, add-ons and resources that the enterprise architect community may find beneficial.

Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:50

Add-In install without admin privileges

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Do you want to install your EA Add-Ins without admin privileges? This article shows you how to make a WIX installer which supports a non-admin installation of your EA Add-In. If you already have a WIX installer, you see how to make just a few changes to install your EA-Addin without admin rights. You may also check EXPloring EA, Non-admin installation of AddIns and Tutorial, Geert Bellekens: Addin in 10 Minutes.All here described you can see in the Open Source hoTools (see GITHUB) projects: AddInSimpleNoAdminSetup Setup   With WIX Toolset for creating your *.msi installer file you can make: Simple non-admin installer, per user installation Modify…
Saturday, 25 November 2017 06:00

ArchiMate Search helper in EA

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Introduction One of the challenges of a teambased architecture repository based on the ArchiMate language is to reduce the number of duplicate entities. With duplicates I mean an Archimate concept with the same name and stereotype that has two or more instances in the repository. Especially in large repositories with a complex project browser configuration and a large number of modellers the changes of duplicates are substantial. Therefore mostly a procedure is introduced based on the steps that a modeller has to do a repository search before he or she can actually add an element from the toolbox and modify…
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 06:00

RAMI 4.0 Toolbox

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RAMI 4.0 Toolbox The RAMI 4.0-Toolbox deals with the complexity that comes up with Industrie 4.0. Implemented as extension for the modeling tool Enterprise Architect it provides a framework for modelling an architecture based on cyber physical systems. History Building on the success that comes with the SGAM-Toolbox we started creating a new concept for Industrie 4.0 in 2016. Currently the first launch of the toolbox is available which includes some adaptations and improvements.   Technology The toolbox is based on the “Model Driven Generation” technology provided by Enterprise Architect where the results are stored in a XML-based file. The language of choice is C# which…
If you want to analyze your EA model with SQL, you should consider using LINQ to SQL. Write the query once for all your EA database types. Use the combination of SQL like syntax, modern .net languages like C#, VB, F# and the compiler to find your typos.   The main benefits are:   Combine SQL like query language with the power of C#, VB, or F# Database independent IntelliSense, AutoComplete Let the compiler find your typos Approaches   AddInSimple shows you: How to leverage LINQ to SQL in your Add-In (Example SimpleAddIn of open source hoTools) LINQPad, the off-the-shelf…
RepoWatchdog watches for changes to Enterprise Architect repository items and announces detected changes by email and/or writes them to a file. It works in one of two modes: in a periodic mode, the watchdog checks the repository continuously for changes with a specific period, in a batch mode, the watchdog checks the repository once and looks for changes between specific dates. Below is a change announcement example created by RepoWatchdog and send by email.     The announcement contains repository name together with item details including the old and new values of changed properties. The content of emails and files…
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 05:36

Global Carbon Market Model

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  No matter whether the choice is a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme, a global price on carbon is the best chance for the international community to address climate change successfully to limit global warming to 2 degrees.   Trac-Car is releasing its Global Carbon Market UML Domain Model for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Version 13.  It can be freely downloaded, adapted and used.   It is intended for an automated cloud deployment of carbon credits from energy efficiency and renewable energy replacement of fossil fuels for electricity and transport.                  …
Saturday, 15 April 2017 20:35

Use C#, Java, for your VB Scripting

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 Use C#, Java from your EA Context Menu: This works for all EA Versions, even without Administration rights to install an Add-In or so. EA Version 13 supports an IDE to develope in C# and Java with full EA API support and debugging. They name it Hybrid Scripting. You may use the EA 13 Hybrid Script environment or other IDEs. Going the first steps is easier with EA 13. This article shows you with a little example how to use C# for your Scripting. After you have understood C#, it should be easy to use Java in a similar way.…
Thursday, 02 March 2017 14:25

RepoDoc, a call for testing

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Try RepoDoc, a new way of documenting your repository. It’s easy to use, powerful and we offer it for free to anyone willing to test or help.   What is RepoDoc? A document generator add-in for Enterprise Architect.   What makes it special? uses Liquid templates that are easy to create, modify and maintain, offers flexible repository filtering capabilities, makes non-linear document generation possible, supports a wide range of document formats including, but not limited to, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, Markdown, AsciiDoc, CSV, XML or JSON files, SVG, source codes in different languages, contains a built-in post processor.   How can…
  "VBScript and JScript require the Microsoft Process Debug Manager (PDM.dll) to be installed on the local machine; this is available through various Microsoft products including the free 'Microsoft Script Debugger'" (refer to: http://sparxsystems.com/enterprise_architect_user_guide/13.0/automation/debug_scripts.html)   The issue is: Microsoft Script Debugger as is - is depricated and here is the list (not complete for sure), where PDM is part of: * Office 2000-2007 * Visual Studio * Visual Studio Remote Tools (PDM stays installed even after uninstall of the Remote Tools)   Depending on the used operating system of Microsoft you will find Process Debug Manager (PDM.DLL) in the following…
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:04

SysML 1.4 reference card

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The SysML reference card defined by Tim Weilkiens (oose.de) is now available in a version with diagrams done with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modelling tool. This overview illustrates SysML modelling language concepts, organized by topic: System context diagram Use case diagram Block Definition diagram SysML ports Internal Block diagram Requirements Packages Sequence diagram Activity diagram State Machines Comments and constraints Allocations Parametric diagram SysML 1.4 reference card is available in the PDF format. Notes: SysML is available in the Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. This reference card is also available in French and provided during…
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