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The Community Resources section may include Enterprise Architect models, scripts, technologies and add-ons. These resources can extend and enrich the Enterprise Architect experience. Use this link to submit innovative tools, models, add-ons and resources that the enterprise architect community may find beneficial.

Friday, 27 July 2018 06:42

Model Conveter from ChangeVision Astah

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EAImport is a converter from ChangeVision's astah (formerly JUDE) to Enterprise Architect. System Requirements Astah community 6.9 Enterprise Architect 13.0 or later Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7/32 bit version) If you installed astah 32bit version, it is already installed. JRE 8 may work, but it is unconfirmed. If it does not exist, download the 32-bit version for Windows from the Oracle website and install it.(64-bit Java cannot be used.) The following "Working Directory" assumes "c:\work" in this manual.   How to Set up the Converter 1. Copy the following files to the Working Directory. all files in the EAImporter.ZIP…
Thursday, 21 June 2018 14:05

Integrated Data Entity Architecture in EA

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Introduction IDEA is an abbreviation for Integrated Data Entity Architecture. It is a methodology and an implementation in Sparx Enterprise Architect to create an integrated architecture based on the following layers Physical data modeling for a technical modeling that includes specific implementation concepts like columns and constraints Logical data modeling a detailed implementation independent model for entities, attributes and assocations Conceptual modeling for a business view on data and business entities including the connections to the application landscape and business processes Data Management modeling for modeling data governance, ownership, privacy and security and data qualities. Navigationscreen for the Web Publication Platform of the IDEA…
The Open source Web Publication Platform has a new release, there are a number of new and updated features:    New an responsive layout of the application so the website can be viewed with tablets and mobile devices Improved Matrix view Navigation in diagrams with navigation cells Improved form factory explorer. Adapted discussion and response module Version for MS-SQL repositories and Form Factory database platform. In the image below you get an idea of the new layout The product is again available as Open Source Platform and can be downloaded by registered users of the Web Publication Platform. Registration is…
Following the release of a portable version last November, eaUtils 1.14 free utilities add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect has just been published: Limited until now to composite elements, eaUtils breadcrumb trail navigation feature has been extended to support hyperlinks, packages (opening the first diagram in the package), and navigation cells (available since EA13). eaUtils elements sorting has been enhanced with new options: Order elements by object id, matching the order in which they've been created or imported in EA. Upon a user request, sort sub-elements e.g. to process actions within an activity. The increasing complexity of eaUtils requires a minimum level of testing before releasing a new build…
Introduction Currently I am involved in a number of projects where Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is introduced as a central repository for large architectural teams. EA is a great tool for that and supports a team approach very well with various functionalities. Especially the Project Browser, the Search functions (see for example http://eaxpertise.nl/CMSForm.aspx?webpage=archisearch) and the Toolbox setup are well suitable in large projects.  Occasionally, large teams that are not using a formal methodology may introduce duplicate elements, with a corresponding risk for introducing an inconsistent model within the repository. For one of my customers, this was the reason to look for…
EA4BI is an enterprise architecture framework focused on Business Intelligence (BI) An integrated set of 8 BI architecture and 3 BI design viewpoints Facilitates and empowers end-to-end BI modeling Offers better alignment with enterprise architecture Provides linkage with other enterprise architecture domains and modeling languages, such as ArchiMate, BPMN, UML, and data modeling The EA4BI toolkit is available as a free extension (MDG technology) for Sparx Enterprise Architect. Contents of the EA4BI_V10.zip File Description  EA4BI Case Study.pdf  A small case study demonstrating the usage of the EA4BI viewpoints  EA4BI Technology.xml  EA4BI MDG Technology file  EA4BICaseStudy.eap  A small case study demonstrating…
Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:50

Add-In install without admin privileges

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Do you want to install your EA Add-Ins without admin privileges? This article shows you how to make a WIX installer which supports a non-admin installation of your EA Add-In. If you already have a WIX installer, you see how to make just a few changes to install your EA-Addin without admin rights. You may also check EXPloring EA, Non-admin installation of AddIns and Tutorial, Geert Bellekens: Addin in 10 Minutes.All here described you can see in the Open Source hoTools (see GITHUB) projects: AddInSimpleNoAdminSetup Setup   With WIX Toolset for creating your *.msi installer file you can make: Simple non-admin installer, per user installation Modify…
Saturday, 25 November 2017 06:00

ArchiMate Search helper in EA

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Introduction One of the challenges of a teambased architecture repository based on the ArchiMate language is to reduce the number of duplicate entities. With duplicates I mean an Archimate concept with the same name and stereotype that has two or more instances in the repository. Especially in large repositories with a complex project browser configuration and a large number of modellers the changes of duplicates are substantial. Therefore mostly a procedure is introduced based on the steps that a modeller has to do a repository search before he or she can actually add an element from the toolbox and modify…
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 06:00

RAMI 4.0 Toolbox

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RAMI 4.0 Toolbox The RAMI 4.0-Toolbox deals with the complexity that comes up with Industrie 4.0. Implemented as extension for the modeling tool Enterprise Architect it provides a framework for modelling an architecture based on cyber physical systems. History Building on the success that comes with the SGAM-Toolbox we started creating a new concept for Industrie 4.0 in 2016. Currently the first launch of the toolbox is available which includes some adaptations and improvements.   Technology The toolbox is based on the “Model Driven Generation” technology provided by Enterprise Architect where the results are stored in a XML-based file. The language of choice is C# which…
If you want to analyze your EA model with SQL, you should consider using LINQ to SQL. Write the query once for all your EA database types. Use the combination of SQL like syntax, modern .net languages like C#, VB, F# and the compiler to find your typos.   The main benefits are:   Combine SQL like query language with the power of C#, VB, or F# Database independent IntelliSense, AutoComplete Let the compiler find your typos Approaches   AddInSimple shows you: How to leverage LINQ to SQL in your Add-In (Example SimpleAddIn of open source hoTools) LINQPad, the off-the-shelf…
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