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The Community Resources section may include Enterprise Architect models, scripts, technologies and add-ons. These resources can extend and enrich the Enterprise Architect experience. Use this link to submit innovative tools, models, add-ons and resources that the enterprise architect community may find beneficial.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 02:08

Add-In for Fault Tree Analysis

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This FTA Add-In enables to write Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) diagram in Enterprise Architect. It offers some userful features like auto-layout.   - Installation   Please unzip the attached file, then right-click EAAddinSetup.bat file and select 'Run As Administrator'. If installation is succeeded, you can find 'FTA' menu item under Extension menu of Enterprise Architect.   - How to create FTA   Just the same as creating other type of diagrams. At first, create top-level intermediate event and then use the QuickLinker to add other events or gates. You can set basic properties by double-clicking target object.   - Add-In…
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 22:26

Enterprise Architect 12 Wireframing preview

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Introduction Enterprise Architect 12 is due to be released this year, with the RC2 currently available to download and test. Amongst its enhancements, I came across the new User Interface Wireframing support. Wireframing lets you define a visual representation of a screen with its interface elements such as labels, fields, and buttons. Having defined several screens, a navigation model can built e.g. to specify the navigation from the login screen to the account summary screen via a “submit” user action. Wireframing is intended to define User Interface diagrams that focus on functionality and help to obtain business validation upfront. Wireframing …
Enterprise Architect includes the package baseline feature that lets you create snapshots - backups of your model within the project (data is stored in the project's database). Once the baseline feature is used, it can be cumbersome to find the packages that have baselines. Such information can be required e.g. to delete baselines that are no longer relevant in order to free some space, or to find the most recent backup from a model's parent package. This article provides a user defined search, FindPackageBaselines, that lets you search through all existing baselines within the project, and display the associated package…
Introduction Add-Ins are a very powerful means of extending Enterprise Architect's built-in functionality. However, in some cases you have a hard time navigating down to deeply nested items of your add-in menu in order to trigger their associated functions. Wouldn't it come in handy to have the possibility of defining an arbitrary number of keyboard shortcuts that invoke custom functionalities of your add-in? Of course, it would and this tutorial presents how this can be achieved. Firstly, I'm going to explain which technical challenges existed and how they were tackled in order to get the solution running properly. This might…
I recently imported a number of requirements in my Enterprise Architect project with the following details: title, reference (stored in the requirement's alias), and description. By default Sparx Enterprise Architect sorts requirements within a given package by the element's name in the alphabetical order. When a package contains various types of elements (e.g. classes, interfaces, use cases, etc.), each group of elements from the same type is sorted separately. The following illustrates a mix of requirements, classes, and interfaces created within a package, in their default sorting order: Going back to my requirements, I needed to sort them by the…
Monday, 31 March 2014 12:40

Duplicate validation in Enterprise Architect

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Duplicatevalidation in Enterprise Architect Introduction This article is an example of using Enterprise Architect in a team. In our team of four architects we use Enterprise Architect for modelling the enterprise architecture in ArchiMate 2.0. For this government agency with approximately 1200 employees there is a large repository of architectural elements, building blocks and diagrams. Because we maintain this repository with four architects a number of challenges arise: Everybody uses the same definition of elements and concepts The repository structure is managed by one authorized team-member (the custodian) There is agreement about the architecture process and products These activities are…
As practicing Enterprise Architect consultants, we have the opportunity to interact with various corporates for training, consulting and providing Enterprise Architect demonstrations. We encounter the following standard queries: “We have lots of Requirements and Use Cases in Microsoft Word ™ documents. Can we import them into Enterprise Architect “? “Can our Business Analysts continue to work in Microsoft Word™ which they are familiar with and then have the artifacts imported into EA? These queries highlighted the need for a standard Word importer that helps the Enterprise Architect users to Import the existing Requirements and Use Case Models in Microsoft Word…
A colleague recently enquired about a simple way to run a batch import of several XMI files into an Enterprise Architect project. The client's project required importing a rather large number of XMI files, created from various Enterprise Architect projects via the standard XMI export (note : each file store an extraction in the XMI format from a selected part of the modelling project). Having to import each XMI file is too cumbersome, and Enterprise Architect's existing "Batch XMI Import" is limited to controlled packages i.e. involving a VC repository like SVN set up with the current project. This article…
Thursday, 09 January 2014 08:21

EA Installation Inspector V4

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EA Installation Inspector (Version 4)  is a small utility that provides information about the current version of EA and its AddIns. Minor update that may be useful to some.  Version 4 (June 2017): Added a form to display a list of classes and methods provided by the AddIn DLL Version 3 (September 2016): Additional registry locations checked for add-in keys Version 2 (November 2015): Searches HKLM as well as HKCU for Sparx keys Provide a pop-up form to make it easier to view detail of an entry The need1. During the development and testing of EA AddIns it is all…
Sunday, 10 November 2013 07:57

Search & Replace

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Abstract:ho_Tools is a powerful "Find and replace" tool for texts in Elements, Diagrams and Packages. You can search recursive from a starting package or globally by a search. It allows simple text search or powerful regular expressions to change name, note and more.   ho_Tools easily allows you to find & replace strings in your model. This is done by simple text comparison or with powerful regular expressions.It works on EA elements, Packages and Diagrams and can change:- Name- Note- Tagged Value- ConstraintThere are the following two operating modes:- Search recursive from a selected package- Use an EA Search like…
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