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The Community Resources section may include Enterprise Architect models, scripts, technologies and add-ons. These resources can extend and enrich the Enterprise Architect experience. Use this link to submit innovative tools, models, add-ons and resources that the enterprise architect community may find beneficial.

Friday, 30 October 2009 07:13

Replace text in Element Name and Notes

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Dim fromString, toString 'Replace text in Name and Notes Function ReplaceString(obj)     Dim modified    modified = False     'replace string in Name    If InStr(obj.Name, fromString) > 0 Then        obj.Name = Replace(obj.Name, fromString, toString)        modified = True    End If        'replace string in Notes    If InStr(obj.Notes, fromString) > 0 Then        obj.Notes = Replace(obj.Notes, fromString, toString)        modified = True    End If        'call Update if modified    If modified Then        obj.Update    End If        ReplaceString = modified    End Function 'Replace texts of an elementSub ReplaceElement(elem)     Dim method    Dim attr    Dim i    Dim modified    modified = False        ' element methods For i = 0…
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 11:47

Swap Element Name and Alias Properties

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'Swap a Method or an AttributePrivate Sub Swap(obj)    Dim sTmp    If obj.Style <> "" And obj.Name <> "" Then        sTmp = obj.Name        obj.Name = obj.Style        obj.Style = sTmp                   obj.Update               Repository.AdviseElementChange obj.ParentID    End If       'Parameters of Method    If obj.ObjectType = 24 Then  Dim i        For i = 0 To obj.Parameters.Count - 1            SwapParameter obj.Parameters(i)        Next    End If   End Sub'Swap ParametersPrivate Sub SwapParameter(param)    Dim sTmp    If param.Alias <> "" And param.Name <> "" Then        sTmp = param.Name        param.Name = param.Alias        param.Alias = sTmp               param.Update    End If   End Sub'Swap ConnectorEndsPrivate Sub SwapConnectorEnd(connEnd) Dim sTmp    If connEnd.Role <> "" And connEnd.Alias…
Monday, 26 October 2009 05:47

C# Add-in template

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The following file is a C# Add-in Template for Enterprise Architect. Use it as a base project for any C# Add-in work.
Monday, 26 October 2009 05:44

Delphi Add-in template

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This Delphi project demonstrates how to create an Enterprise Architect Add-in using Borland Delphi.This add-in creates/enables/checks/responds to menus and shows how to include a Delphi form as a tab control in Enterprise Architect.This project was created in Delphi 3 but should be usable from later versions.Refer to the Add-ins topics in Enterprise Architect help for further information.This file is freely usable and distributable provided that it is kept in its original form.
Monday, 26 October 2009 05:38

UML Patterns

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What is a Pattern? Patterns are parameterized collaborations; that is, they are a group of collaborating objects/classes that can be abstracted from a general set of modeling scenarios. Patterns are an excellent means of achieving re-use and building in robustness. As patterns are discovered in any new project, the basic pattern template from previous engagements can be re-used with the appropriate variable names modified for the current project. Patterns generally describe how to solve an abstract problem, and it is the task of the pattern user to modify the pattern elements to meet the demands of the current engagement. Before…
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