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LieberLieber is proud to announce that, following months of hard work, we are releasing the best LemonTree version yet. Do you work in a team or do you create software in the field of functional safety? Then LieberLieber LemonTree 2.0 is exactly the right solution for you! Are you already a LemonTree user? Then upgrade now! Start your new LemonTree test period right now and benefit from the many advantages of the new release. Many customers in the automotive industry already successfully model with Enterprise Architect and optimize their teamwork and model versioning (Diff & Merge) with LieberLieber LemonTree. Get…
Are you aware of the opportunity using the TM Forum's  Frameworx enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) as an accelerator of your next transition project with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect? As a partner of the TM Forum and Sparx Systems, TransWare provides Frameworx best practices for the easy use within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: modeling the business and application architecture and leveraging process flows for model-driven test automation. What you'll learn Join TransWare experts, Heinz-Juergen Scherer and Volker Rautenberg for: Gain insights into a methodology how to align the business with the IT view How to incorporate Enterprise Architect for modeling…
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect contains all the 530 business capabilities plus close to 600 information capabilities, including all the definitions for each of them. In addition, Enterprise Architect allows you to link all the funtional capabilities to the information capabilities they create and use, thus showing the business integration points in an organization.  Is your organization interested in an OPEN SOURCE Panorama 360 license for Insurance and Wealth Management? Ask us how at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Over the years, we have developed the most extensive Insurance and Wealth Management Reference Knowledge Base comprised of: Business Capability Map, Enterprise Business Architecture Framework (function and information), Create/Use Matrix (CRUD), Value Streams/Process Models…
As of today, Sparx Systems will be offering Prolaborate as a core component of The Pro Cloud Server. Prolaborate leverages the model data in Enterprise Architect to allow the wider user community to analyze, interact and make key decisions.     For more information, please read the official press release on the Joint Venture between Sparx Systems and Sixth Force.    
LieberLieber Software: Volkswagen accelerates with Enterprise Architect Volkswagen relies on Enterprise Architect along with bespoke LieberLieber modeling assistants to clearly and precisely communicate its requirements on infotainment software and systems development to its suppliers, and can now move ahead with plans to develop its own in-house infotainment software in the future. Vienna/Wolfsburg  –  Based in Wolfsburg, Germany, the Volkswagen Group (VW) is the world’s second-largest automobile manufacturer and Europe’s leading manufacturing company overall. Its “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” program constitutes the biggest change process VW has ever initiated in its entire history. The overall vision is to become one of…
Monday, 08 October 2018 22:19

Elements of Business Modeling

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Modern Analyst Webinar Series   Featured Speaker: Ramsay Millar, Business Architect, INTEGRATE IT, Inc. When: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern). Elements of Business Modeling - Every sector today is being led by the wealthiest technology business leaders in history because those leaders embraced technology as a strategic capability. Eighty percent of executives believe “their business models are under attack” according to McKinsey Research. Leading organizations need business architects to build better business solutions.   Organizations who plan to survive rapid technology, cultural changes, cyber security threats, artificial intelligence, and demands for more business agility…
Join us for the next meeting of the Brisbane Sparx System EA SIG where Paul Reedman will be giving a presentation on CBSE - Computer Based Software Engineering and Stephen Maguire will be giving an overview of Sparx Services Australia. CBSE Presentation SynopsisSince the first mention of a “Software Component” at the NATO Software Engineering Conference in 1968, Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) has promised lower development costs, improved development productivity and higher quality systems. In the past few years there has been a steady increase in software componentization across differing technology types and platforms. From web based user interfaces…
This month about 60 attendees from various areas of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector created an enthusiastic audience at the ITS Australian Government Roundtable held in Canberra. The invited speakers gave insightful presentations and the key takeaway from this thought-provoking event, which was chaired by Dean Zabriezach the CEO of hmi technologies, was the importance and immense scope of the transportation revolution, that this group of professionals represented at the global level. Sparx Systems also attended this event, during which senior government and industry representatives shared their views on the role of developing connected technology in transportation. ITSThe Intelligent…
TransWare AG, a partner of Sparx Systems and TM Forum, is happy to announce a 30 minutes webinar to experience the new Pro Cloud Server and WebEA together with Frameworx version 17.5. Pro Cloud Server opens the entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review. WebEA, hosted on Pro Cloud Server, complements Enterprise Architect by providing a real-time view of project content. TransWare AG CEO, Heinz-Jürgen Scherer, and TransWare AG VP of product management, Volker Rautenberg, will demo the latest Frameworx version 17.5 with Sparx Systems tools: Enterprise Architect version 14, Pro…
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 22:57

Requirements in Context - Webinar

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Requirements in ContextThursday, September 13th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern) Register: https://www.modernanalyst.com/Webinars/tabid/207/ID/5074/Requirements-in-Context.aspx Scott Ambler, a key founder of the Agile movement accurately stated: "If a requirement was misunderstood, all modeling decisions based on that requirement are invalid, the code written is also in question, and the testing efforts are now verifying the application under the wrong conditions".Topics covered include: Requirements across the entire landscape The semantics of Requirements Reuse Requirements Requirements traceability Requirements Management tools Featured Speaker: Ramsay Millar, Business Architect
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